Claudius the motives of killing the king

Hamlet was well liked by the people, for reasons we are not aware of, and his punishment could lead the people to rally around him and rise up against the King.

What is Claudius's true motivation in Shakespears

Where shall he turn? The path of Richard is a path of blood. And so, combining desire and policy, Claudius seduces Gertrude and murders Hamlet. He has no illusions as to what he is doing: Next, your son gone: Why does not Claudius contrive Hamlet's assassination? Is he insinuating that him taking too much time to think about it could lead to sickness?

Hamlet returns to Elsinore. It is noteworthy how few of Hamlet's charges are made public. On the one hand there is the worldly uncle, mature, able, a shrewd leader of men, every inch a king, the salvation of Denmark, an accomplished diplomat, the man for the place and the hour; but his career is founded upon private crime, and although from such a crime innumerable benefits flow, it remains a crime to the end.

The Queen has chosen to marry Claudius, and she defends him even to her son. After his fashion he loves her, and he is just enough not to add to her own sense of guilt by informing her that she has married a fratricide.

Claudius has not only gained the authority and power of becoming the King of Denmark but has also satisfied his ambition and married Gertrude. His comparison here does not seem too well thought out. By taking full responsibility for his actions, Claudius mitigates his evil nature.

Overview[ edit ] Claudius is seen at the beginning of the play to be a capable monarch as he deals diplomatically with such issues as the military threat from Norway and Hamlet's depression. In some ways, Claudius exhibits more heroism than Hamlet.

See Schmidt's Lexicon and Barlett's Concordance.

King Claudius

It will be worthy of his genius.Nov 19,  · Claudius tells us the reasons for his crime in Act 3 Scene 3. "I am still possessed of those effects for which I did the murder: my crown, my own ambition, and my queen." So, his motives.

In act 3, scene 3, Polonius leaves Claudius by himself to pray at his altar, where Claudius admits his motivation for killing his King Hamlet. Interestingly, Claudius mentions that he will not ask.

Hamlet - Motives Explained Because of his persistent doubt of whether Claudius did in fact kill his father, Hamlet defers making plans to act out his revenge. Hamlet is the hardest of the three sons to be influenced to act vengefully.

Hamlet is shocked to find his mother already remarried to his Uncle Claudius, the dead king's brother. And Hamlet is even more surprised when his father's ghost appears and declares that he was murdered.

Exact dates are unknown, but scholars agree that Shakespeare published Hamlet between and Many believe that Hamlet is. There are two possible motives for Claudius killing King Hamlet (Hamlet's father). The first would be to access to the throne of Denmark; the second to take Gertrude, the queen, for his wife.

The Charges Against King Claudius. From The King in Hamlet by Howard Mumford Jones. Austin: University Press. Hamlet's denunciations of his uncle are those of the ghost, but we can as conveniently confine ourselves to the one as to the other.

Claudius the motives of killing the king
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