Hanging on to max

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I took another breath. It may be tricky because you may have beams in your ceiling that throw the placement off, but that is once again a judgment call. Sam finds out that its hard to take care of his son and try to do things that normal high school students do.

But really, when it comes to the ending, I was extremely disappointed. Instead he's up to his ears in diapers and formula, caring for his baby son, Max.

A lot of people look down at them because they have a child at a young age. But when you're also a high-school student trying to graduate, the job becomes even more overwhelming. The probe sent back a stream of data for Sam's trying his best, but will he be up to the task?

I have to graduate this year. I think that the book should be required reading for teens.

Hanging on to Max

I jerked my locker open. Garcia, I sort of dropped out of Mr. This book realistically raises issues that most novels and TV shows simply gloss over. Two weeks into September and already you've ticked her off. You can work on the computer in class and take the textbook home with you.

Sitting in office chairs, standing up all day, even laying down on a flat bed puts a little bit of compression on your spine.

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In "Hanging on to Max", Margaret Bechard is trying to get a point across to teens. Sam gives Max up for adoption because he doesn''t want Max to make the same mistakes he did and he wants Max to have a better life than he did.

Take some time and gain a new perspective. Garcia ran her fingers through her hair.But "Hanging Onto Max" is more than just a mediocre novel with a rarely-done perspective- its main character is just as memorable as the content.

I literally checked this book out from the library, read the first page, and raced through the novel until I finished it/5(67).

Hanging on to Max

Hanging on to Max has 1, ratings and reviews. Cynthia said: Hanging on to Max is a book in which Sam has to take care of Max and go to school at t /5. Hanging on to Max.

Link/Page Citation Millbrook Press, Roaring Brook Press. p. c $ JS This is a poignant story of a year-old who wants to raise his baby son when the mother says she will give the baby up for adoption. Hanging On To Max by Margaret Bechard available in Trade Paperback on dominicgaudious.net, also read synopsis and reviews.

Bechard writes with humor and empathy, weaving the story of year-old Sam in a very real look at. Hanging on to Max by Margaret Bechard available in Trade Paperback on dominicgaudious.net, also read synopsis and reviews. It's Sam Pettigrew's last year of high school. And he's spending it /5(2).

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Hanging on to max
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