The product or service offering

Types One type of servicizing solutions is based on transactions where payment is made—not for the "product"—but for the "product-service package" part of PSS which has been sold to the customer.

Pricing Plans Outline your proposed pricing plans. A computer software company that provides customers with automated upgrades when it releases new versions reduces the time customers have to spend on upgrading. Auto repair shops that operate extended hours or provide a collection and delivery service offer busy customers a level of convenience that goes beyond the quality of their workmanship.

What Is an Offering in Marketing?

Our software is easy-to-use and well-supported. First, identify your main direct and indirect competitors and then introduce their offerings. Do we adapt our product to the local market or use a standardised international product?

Mix If your small business offers more than one good or service, your offering is referred to as a product mix. Responding quickly to service requests gives customers confidence and peace of mind that they are dealing with a reliable supplier.

As you write, avoid being too technical, assuming too much knowledge from your readers, and using buzzwords.

Product-service system

Typically, there are four approaches for PSS design. Depth simply refers to the number of products or services available in each product line.

Business Plan Section 4: Products and Services

The performance-based type can be further subdivided into three subtypes: Customers and competitors may also determine the initial approach: After 5 co-creation workshops, with more than 50 different stakeholders, and the use of specifics tools, 17 PSS inspiring and promising ideas were identified.

And if so, how? Our software includes extensive wizards, online help and manuals. Our recorder weighs only 6 oz. Then usually, but not necessarily, the less developed countries.

How Do You Stand Out? Types[ edit ] There are various issues in the nomenclature of the discussion of PSS, not least that services are products, and need material products in order to support delivery, however, it has been a major focus of research for several years.

How to Describe Your Company's Products and Services

PSS Toolkit — Development of innovative business models for product-service systems in an urban context of sustainable transition. Depth Your company and other companies have varying depths to their product lines as part of their offering. There are five main issues: Our vehicles are extremely safe.

If you have no direct competitors, explain how prospective customers are likely to react to your offerings and relate your offerings to nearest equivalent competitors or solutions. Also, keep in mind that if a supplier runs out of capacity--or goes out of business altogether--you may not have a sufficient supply to meet your demand.

What need are you fulfilling or what problem are you solving? It may be necessary to give some basic background if this is an area or industry people are unfamiliar with. Auto repair shops that operate extended hours or provide a collection and delivery service offer busy customers a level of convenience that goes beyond the quality of their workmanship.

Summarize using simple tables and place supporting analyses in an appendix. The impact of new technologies New technologies have revolutionised international delivery — for example, bar coding, telecomms linkages, mobile tracking of vehicles, individual tracking of consignments, There is scope here for new developments to save money and improve service levels.

The method of transport using road, rail, air, etc? The distributor may also control the availability of stock, stock levels, invoicing, etc How do you motivate the distributor to give good service? For example, show how markups are applied as your offerings move along the distribution chain.

For example, some car companies offer economy, utility, sport and luxury vehicles to satisfy a greater variety of customers than companies that offer only one or two different types of vehicles. How does it benefit customers? Our recorder weighs only 6 oz. For example, Mont defines PSS as "a system of products, services, supporting networks, and infrastructure that is designed to be competitive, satisfy customers' needs, and have a lower environmental impact than traditional business models" [5] Mont elaborates her definition as follows:Do we adapt our product to the local market or use a standardised international product?

More likely to adapt when. Customers are different- lower level of income, different culture, language, etc. Product & service offerings for detailed free business plan guide with template & sample for business plan plus software for financial projections & cash flow forecasting.

Devote three/four paragraphs to explaining what your offering are and do. Explain where and how they are used, and why customers need them and (will) buy them. The product and services section of your business plan format discusses your product or service, why they're needed by your market, and how they compete with other businesses selling the same or similar products and services.

What Is an Offering in Marketing?

There are a series of additional questions you need to ask before you make a final decision on a new product or service offering. Is there a real need for the product or service in today's market? In the Products and Services section of your business plan, you will clearly describe--yep--the products and services your business will provide.

Keep in mind that highly detailed or technical descriptions are not necessary and definitely not recommended. An offering in marketing is the total offer to your customers. An offering is more than the product itself and includes elements that represent additional value to your customers, such as availability, convenient delivery, technical support or quality of service.

The product or service offering
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